Scrum Certification Practice Exam

If you're looking to get certified as a Scrum Master or a Product Owner, you will appreciate the new study tool offered by Scrum Star Academy. The Scrum Certification Practice Exam is designed to help Scrum practitioners get ready for their exams.

Agile: the secret weapon

If you need to develop a piece of software, you can do it the traditional way or the agile way. You might have seen comparisons of both methods, but do you really understand the difference? Let's take a look at a true-to-life example.

Phalcon – transporting PHP to a new level

If you ever worked with PHP, you'll probably have a litany of complaints. The fact is that in comparison with Wt, Java or Ruby, PHP just seems dated. Its syntax looks like it's been teleported directly from the 1990's and its frameworks can be terribly bloated and slow. But there are a few bright rays of light at the end of the tunnel.

To Scrum or not to Scrum?

We all know that agile methods are the future of software development. But then, why is it so difficult for companies to implement and start using them? Maybe because they seem... unnatural.

The end of the world? Here's what it might look like.

Creating imaginary worlds in Photoshop is one of my hobbies. Take a look at some of the post-apocaliptic images I created recently.

What's right with Linux?

The race to the operating system dominance is in full swing, and the Internet is full of eager fans expressing their opinions why theirs is "the best." But there is no global "best" for anything in life and an educated choice of an OS is based on an subjective preference.

What's wrong with Linux?

Actually, not much. But there's plenty wrong with Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Xfce, LMDE and other third party additions. Linux itself is a good platform and it works very well on servers that don't have any keyboards or monitors attached. But in order for normal humans to use Linux and visually interact with the system, a third party desktop environment must be installed. Like Gnome or KDE. And that's where problems begin. Major problems.

Apple monopoly: next they will come for the farmers

I don't use a Mac. I use Linux. And it's a matter of principle. There's a little quaint café in Bonn, Germany called Apfelkind. It's an establishment for "children, coffeee and cake", where the parents can relax over a cup of coffee while the children play in the adjacent playroom. Just recently the café received a letter from Apple Inc. threatening to sue if Apfelkind does not withdraw the application for trademarking its logo.

What do Shakira and software have in common?

No, I'm not turning this into a celebrity gossip blog, but there's one thing I noticed about Shakira that software developers would do well to learn from: her songs come out natively in two languages. The video clips are not just translated, the footage is actually recorded with Shakira singing in Spanish and in English.

The End of a Nightmare

If your local video store is closed and you are in the mood for watching something scary, I've got just the thing for you. Take a modern website and try porting it to Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Internet Explorer 6 is over 10 years old, but it's still used by nearly 12% of the world's population. And its incompatibility with modern web technologies is legendary. And scary.

European Union Doesn't Like Sweets

European Union keeps coming up with new legislations painted with broad brush strokes. Here's another one: starting on the 25th of May 2011 all websites hosted in the EU will need to obtain permission before storing persistent cookies on the user's computer.

Funny designer mistakes, part 1

If you are planning to hire a designer, make sure you don't hire the one who designed these things!

Captivating cryptography! Part 2.

As you have read in the previous article on cryptography, encryption algorithms are like complicated mathematical equations that you can solve only if you know the variable X, which represents the password. But if you have ever used a program like PGP or GPG, which use public and private keys, you may be wondering how it is possible to encrypt something with one password and decrypt it with another. Well, the concept is similar, and I'll explain to you how this works in a moment.

Searching for talent

It seems like the ability to find talent in people is a talent in itself. Goethe said, "The greatest genius will not be worth much if he pretends to draw exclusively from his own resources." Those who want to succeed in life should learn to find that hidden potential in other people and then bring it out.

Captivating cryptography! Part 1.

Did you ever wonder how encrypting programs scramble your files and render them unreadable? Let's have a little peek into the fascinating world of cryptography!

Old age - the best is yet to come!

I was thinking recently about how quickly life passes. One week follows another and before you know it, several months have gone by. It really makes you want to live life to the full. But even if we do, we're not getting any younger.

Windows progress dialog

I enjoyed this little cartoon, although having programmed several time estimation dialogs myself for different programs, I have to tell you that sometimes it's not easy to make them work properly. Even a simple copy operation can depend on different factors that vary the transfer speed, so especially at the very beginning of the operation it's not easy to come up with precise estimates.

What's the future of Delphi?

Delphi is a Rapid Application Development language with a long and colorful history. In my opinion it was at its peak when it belonged to Borland at the end of the 1990's. Since then it changed hands and directions four times, stumbling over every new craze on the market.

Save your eyesight

If you work on the computer a lot, you probably realize that spending many hours in front of a monitor is harmful to the eyes. Here are some basic things you can do to help your eyes stay healthy.

Navigate away warning for all page controls

We have all seen the Javascript navigate-away warnings that display a message if you try to, well, navigate away from the current page. A lot of sources teach that you need to add an onChange or onClick event to every control on your page to determine whether the controls have been changed or not. If you have a lot of controls on your page this can be cumbersome and create a lot of code clutter.